Herefordshire & Worcestershire LPC


NPA Member Forum Birmingham (Walsall, 29th September, 2019)

CPCF – LPC Perspective (Fiona Lowe)

Herefordshire Pharmacy Update Event (Hereford, 8th May, 2019)

Pharmacy Update (Solutions4Health/CCG/PCNs/LPC Udpate)

Public Health Team

RPS & CPPE Peer Discussion Support

Fit for the Future in Pharmacy Business (Worcester, 10th April, 2019)

LPC Update

Fit for the Future Workshop

Sexual Health Training for Worcestershire Pharmacies (Worcester, 19th March, 2019)

Sexual Health Presentation Slides

Regional Pharmacy Integration and MECC Event Presentation Slides (Birmingham, November 6th, 2018)

Pharmacy Integration Fund Overview

Integrating NHS Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation into the new NHS landscape

Presentations by Alastair Buxton of PSNC (October 2018)

Quality Payments by Alastair Buxton

FMD by Alastair Buxton

PSNC Webinars

Quality Payments Webinar

FMD Webinar


Representing community pharmacy, working in collaboration with others, to improve the quality of health and wellbeing of the people in our counties.


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