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LPC Covid-19 Communications Archive

This page contains weekly Covid-19 communications from the LPC, including key NHS and PSNC guidance as well local information. Please note that some of the information in earlier communications may have been superseded since. These newsletters have all been emailed to our contractors’ NHS shared email accounts on the day they were published. The website versions have been edited to remove any non-public, confidential information, including some of the attachments.  If you need the original (non-edited) versions, please email the LPC directly for a copy at

LPC Covid-19 Weekly Newsletters

Covid-19 Update #12 (May 28)

Covid-19 Update #11 (May 21)

Covid-19 Update #10 (May 18)

Covid-19 Update #9 (May 07)

Covid-19 Update #8 (April 30)

Covid-19 Update #7 (April 23)

Covid-19 Update #6 (April 16)

Covid-19 Update #5 (April 09)

Covid-19 Update #4 (April 02)

Covid-19 Update #3 (March 26)

Covid-19 Update #2 (March 20)

Covid-19 Update #1 (March 10)


LPC Pandemic Delivery Service Guidance for H&W

LPC Flow Chart for Herefordshire & Worcestershire

Prioritising Grid and Action Plan

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