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August 10, 2020 News

As more details emerge about the 2020/21 Flu Vaccination Service ahead of the publication of the Service Specifications and PGD, Contractors are advised to keep up-to-date with the available information.

An updated letter has been published by the DHSC a few days ago, which you can read HERE along with the PSNC guidance HERE.

Our website has been updated with this new information and we will continue to add new resources to the Flu 2020/21 service page as they become available.



August 6, 2020 News

The DHSC have announced that community pharmacies will now be able to order emergency supplies of PPE via the online PPE portal. This portal was previously only open to General Practice and Social Care providers. Contractors will need to register to use the service. Only those who have received an email invitation to register will be able to login and place an order. There is no bulk registration facility for multiples. Each pharmacy will need to register individually.

Please note that the PPE Portal is an emergency top-up route.  You should continue to use your current methods of obtaining PPE from your regular wholesalers before turning to the PPE Portal. 

All pharmacies can order 50 IIR masks, 100 aprons and 200 gloves (100 pairs) per week.

Please click HERE for further details on the PSNC website and read the government guidance HERE.

You can access the online portal HERE. We have added this link, along with some FAQs to the LPC website.


July 28, 2020 News

Public Health England has launched a new health campaign to help ‘reset’ the nation’s health. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased public interest in health, providing a unique opportunity for people to address their personal health goals by losing weight, quitting smoking, drinking less and looking after their mental health. With nearly two-thirds (63%) of UK adults classed as overweight or obese, the Better Health campaign will initially focus on providing a range of tools and resources to support people to lose weight.

PHE is calling on community pharmacy teams to help support this campaign, recognising their unique ability to reach more vulnerable groups and to tie in public health messaging with their own services. Read more about this on the PSNC website.

Campaign materials can be downloaded from the PHE campaign hub and there’s a dedicated NHS webpage with further resources.



July 28, 2020 News

The attached letter has been sent to Pharmacies in the West Midlands by the Pharmacy Team on behalf of Health Education England and NHS England and NHS Improvement on Pharmacist Education and Training Reform.

The letter provides context for accelerating the reform of pharmacist education.

Health Education England, in partnership with key stakeholders, is establishing an Interim Foundation Pharmacist Programme to help provisionally registered pharmacists transition to full GPhC registration and beyond. The first phase of the reform and the purpose of the interim foundation programme is to provide provisionally registered pharmacists with the foundation training support they need.



July 24, 2020 News

Facecoverings for customers in shops and pharmacies have become compulsory in England today, July 24th, 2020.

Children under 11 and those with certain disabilities will be exempt. The liability for wearing a face covering will lie with the individual, not the retailer. Should an individual without an exemption refuse to wear a face covering, the shop (or pharmacy) can refuse them entry and can call the police if people refuse to comply. However, PSNC warns about the appropriateness of resorting to enforcement options. If a person is not wearing a face covering, it may be difficult to determine if a relevant exemption applies, and in any event, the health needs of the patient or customer should also be considered; this is particularly relevant in healthcare settings, such as pharmacies. You can read the PSNC guidance HERE.

You can find the full guidance on facecoverings on the government website HERE.

PHE has issued a number of posters that can be displayed in retail settings, some of which are also suitable for pharmacies. You can download all the assets on the following links:


Social Media assets

We have uploaded two of the A4 easy print posters to the LPC website for easier access. You can find them HERE and HERE and print them directly by right-clicking on the PDF files.

At the same time, updated guidance has been issued on staff use of masks in primary care settings. This officially brings the guidance on staff use of masks in pharmacies, general practices and other primary care settings in line with the guidance which has been in place in hospitals for several weeks now. You can read this guidance HERE. 

You can find all these links and resources on the LPC website on the PPE page.



July 23, 2020 News

During the national lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic,  community pharmacies provided a government-funded  medicines delivery service for shielding patients, which is now ending on 31st July 2020.

The end of this service will need to be carefully communicated as the public are likely to be unaware that without it, there is no NHS-funded prescription delivery service. Whilst shielding patients have already received a letter from the government about the changes, it is likely that pharmacy teams will need to reinforce the message with those currently receiving prescription deliveries.

PSNC has developed a patient leaflet that can be used to explain that the service is ending and why, as well as advising shielding patients on what they should do going forwards. Some pharmacies may choose to continue to provide a delivery service, for example with a charge being paid by patients, so the leaflet is adaptable to describe your pharmacy’s particular circumstances.

Patient leaflet – lockdown medicine deliveries to end 31st July 2020

Contractors must submit their claims for payment for the Advanced service via the MYS platform by 5th August 2020.

Source: PSNC



July 17, 2020 News

West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) and West Midlands Local Pharmaceutical Committees are partnering with West of England and South West AHSNs to support Community Pharmacy with electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD).

Join the webinar on Thursday July 23rd from 19:00-20:00

The aim of the webinar is to raise awareness of eRD, highlight implementation resources and share learning across our systems.

As part of resilience efforts around COVID-19, NHS England have encouraged practices to optimise the benefits of Electronic Prescription Services (EPS) in two key ways:

• Switching patients still receiving paper prescriptions to EPS.
• Utilising electronic repeat dispensing (eRD) for suitable patients.

This webinar is particularly aimed at Community Pharmacy to support Community Pharmacists refresh their knowledge and to get the best from the increase in eRD anticipated due to this and other current initiatives.

Find out more HERE.

Register HERE.

Further eRD resources can be found on the LPC website HERE.


July 16, 2020 News

A new Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) for the first part of 2020/21 has been announced. The focus of the scheme is ensuring community pharmacy contractors and their teams have put in place all reasonable measures to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, protecting both themselves and the people using their services.

This scheme and the second part of PQS in 2020/21, which is being developed for the second half of the year, replace the original 2020/21 scheme that PSNC had agreed with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I), and which, prior to the start of the pandemic, had been due to commence in April 2020.

There are a number of resources available for Pharmacy Contractors below:

NHS PQS 2020/21 Part 1 Essential Criteria Checklist

PSNC Briefing 024/20: Part 1 2020/21 Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Essential Criteria Checklist for COVID-19 – Evidence checklist

PSNC 10-minute Digital Guide

PQS 2020/21 FAQs

PSNC PQS Staff briefing record sheet

All these resources have been added to the LPC website as well on this new PAGE under the New Contract tab. 

New resources will be added to this page as they become available.






July 10, 2020 News

Pharmacies have recently been contacted by NHSBSA by email asking them to submit data about their staff risk assessment status. The data is being collected online through the following LINK.  There’s a guidance document, which you can find HERE.

The data need to be submitted during the following periods:

  • 9am on 9th July to 11.59pm on 17th July; and
  • 9am on 24th July to 11.59pm on 31st July

Please note: Contractors are asked to submit a declaration in each window, even if all staff risk assessments were completed during the first.

Update – the wording of questions 3 and 4 is not fully clear on the approach to be taken to calculating the answer. NHSE&I have provided the following further information to assist contractors:

Q3 and 4 are asking – of those staff known to be in the at-risk or BAME categories prior to the risk assessment process, how many of them have had a risk assessment completed. The denominator is all staff known to fit that classification (not all staff known to fit that classification who have accepted the offer of a risk assessment).

A collection of resources for conducting the staff risk assessments can be found on the LPC website HERE.

Further resources can be found on the PSNC website HERE.


July 7, 2020 News

Please remember that Virtual Outlines pharmacy training is still available until the end of August. Funding is not likely beyond this date, so we recommend you take advantage of the available modules while you can.

You can find information and log-in advice on our  Virtual Outcomes page:

There are dozens of training modules available incuding immunisation, memengitis, dementia and many other public health topics and most recently the COVID 19 BUSINESS RESILIENCE TRAINING.

All you need to do is log in with your pharmacy F-code and select the modules you would like to view.


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