Optional Health Campaigns 2019/2020

In addition to the six mandated public health campaigns, pharmacies can choose to participate in any number of optional (national or local) health campaigns to support their HLP status.

Below are resources for some of these optional health campaigns available in 2019/2020.  This list will be updated as the resources become available.

  • Change4Life Nutrition Campaign (January 2019)
  • Cervical Screening Campaign (5 March – 28 April 2019)
  • National No Smoking Day (13th March 2019)
  • Diabetes Prevention Week (1-7 April 2019)
  • Breastfeeding Celebration Week (17-23 June 2019)
  • Shake Up Your Summer (Summer 2019)
  • Every Mind Matters (from 07 October 2019)
  • Ask Your Pharmacist (11-18 November, 2019)
  • Self Care Week (18-24 November 2019)
  • Wuhan Coronavirus (from January 2020)
  • Pharmacy Advice Campaign (from 20th January 2020)
Change4Life Nutrition Campaign (January 2019)

Change4Life returns with a new campaign in early 2019 to encourage families to ‘make a swap when you next shop’ to help them cut back on sugar. The campaign shows families how making a few simple swaps to their everyday food and drinks can really make a difference.

The campaign resources can be found here:

Cervical Screening Campaign (5 March – 28 April 2019)
Diabetes Prevention Week (1-7 April 2019)
Breastfeeding Celebration Week (17-23 June 2019)
Shake Up Your Summer (Summer 2019)

Public Health England (PHE) and Disney UK, with support from Sport England have now launched the Change4Life 10 Minute Shake Up campaign to inspire the nation’s children to get more active especially during the school holidays. https://www.nhs.uk/10-minute-shake-up/shake-ups

Change4Life’s Disney-inspired 10 Minute Shake Up (10MSU) games help children get active for 60 minutes a day with 10-minute bursts of active fun, inspired by their favourite characters and stories from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2 and Disney’s Frozen and The Lion King.

Currently, just 20% of boys and 14% of girls meet the national recommendation of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day , but simple activities like active play, scooting or walking count too, so by encouraging these, parents can help their children become more active.

Through the 10 Minute Shake Up games, children can develop key physical activity skills including; being strong like Mr Incredible, agile like Simba, or having strong stamina like Elsa.

As well as playing the games, this year the Change4Life website is hosting an online quiz to help children, with their parents, find activities and sports that might be perfect for them to try so that they can continue being active during summer and beyond.  By playing 10 Minute Shake Up games, gaining skills and taking the online quiz, the campaign will act as an inspiration and gateway to other physical activities and sports.

Worcestershire have been provided with their own unique URL for  to access the change4life website it is as follows http://po.st/WorcestershireCC .

Free resources for the campaign are available from https://campaignresources.phe.gov.uk/resources for those of you who want to support the campaign.


Every Mind Matters (from 07 October 2019)

Public Health England is launching a major new mental health campaign, called Every Mind Matters, on 7th October 2019.



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Ask Your Pharmacist (11-18 November, 2019)

Ask Your Pharmacist (AYP) Week is the flagship annual public awareness campaign for community pharmacies across the UK. AYP Week is 11-18 November.

This year we will be emphasising the suitability of pharmacists as providers of clinical advice and the suitability of community pharmacies as a setting for such advice.

Download your digital resources from the NPA here:


Self Care Week (18-24 November 2019)

Self Care Week is an annual national awareness week that focuses on embedding support for self care across communities, families and generations.


Wuhan Coronavirus (from January 2020)

PHE has released a number of digital and printable resources to promote awareness of the Wuhan novel coronavirus:


Pharmacy Advice Campaign (from 20th January 2020)


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