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April 21, 2017 InformationNews0

Just over a week to go to claim your 20 points! There is still time to become a HLP.

If you are working towards HLP accreditation:

Do you have a full-time equivalent Health Champion, a Leader, a Health Promotion Zone, an evidence portfolio demonstrating your awareness of local public health issues and services, are you recording signposting activity, are you engaging with other healthcare professions, are you having regular team meetings, are you providing advanced services, are you proactively promoting health and wellbeing in your pharmacy and community? Do you believe you are ready to be signed off as a Healthy Living Pharmacy? If so please:

  1. Complete both the HLP ‘Assessment of Compliance’ and ‘Quality Criteria’ on Pharmoutcomes
  2. Ensure you meet all the requirements (contact me if you need any support)
  3. Once you meet the criteria I will arrange to sign you off and send your HLP certificate, posters, and window stickers
  4. If accredited before 28th April you will be able to claim your Quality Payment

Please see below for some Coventry relevant information (to make your life easier) which you can print off and use as part of your evidence portfolio.


Signposting sheet 2017 18 

Coventry Health Profile 2016

I am available via telephone or email so please let me know if you are ready to be signed off or if you need any further support.


Fiona Lowe M.R.Pharm.S.

Chief Operating Officer

Herefordshire & Worcestershire LPC, Coventry LPC & Warwickshire LPC

Mobile: 07792970382

Fax/phone: 01527 570724 /

LPC Office: Unit 24 Basepoint Business Centre; Crab Apple Way, Vale Park, Evesham, WR11 1GP

Office Phone: 01386 897529;  (Admin Support: 10-1 Tuesday to Friday)



April 20, 2017 InformationNews0

Go to the website:

When you click where it says here it takes you to the screen where you need to enter your ODS (F) code, see next page. Note you can only send this once. So, make sure that you have all your information ready and only submit when you are sure that you have made the correct claims for criteria that you have met and that your gateway criteria are also in place.


March 22, 2017 InformationNews0

A number of pharmacies have emailed our generic inbox ( expressing interest in participating in the National Urgent Medicines Supply Advanced Service (NUMSAS).  Please note there are 2 key stages to this.

  1. Follow the URL link and details of how to access a shared NHSmail account that have been provided in response to the above enquires (unless your pharmacy is part of one of the larger multiples such as Boots- your Head Offices are managing this part of the process).
  2. Once you have received your NHS mail account from NHS Digital/Accenture, then please ensure that you register to provide NUMSAS via the NHS Business Services Authority website (multiples and independents).  Further details on how to register are available via the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee’s (PSNC) website:

Shared NHSmail address can be recognised by their format – and will show as being part of the West Midlands Commissioning Hub


Pharmacy Team

NHS England West Midlands

February 28, 2017 InformationNews0

NHSE (West Midlands) can support pharmacy contractors with Enhanced DBS checks who wish to provide MURs at a location other than at the pharmacy.   As this requirement is over and above the Directions, NHS England’s advanced services policy says that NHS England will pay for the certificate but it doesn’t commit NHS England to assist the pharmacist in obtaining the certificate.

We will reimburse contractors up to £44 for obtaining an Enhanced DBS Certificate only for pharmacists who will be providing MURs offsite.  There are lots of companies that can provide a DBS service, however,  I have attached a link: that pharmacies may wish to use for this purpose.

In order for payment to be made to the contract owner we would need the following information sent to us via the pharmacy payments inbox

  • The pharmacies F code:  Name and address of of pharmacy
  • Copy of the DBS certificate
  • Proof of payment

Payments will be made via PCSE through Local Scheme 8


February 28, 2017 Information0

We are often asked questions about key actions and submission deadlines for the clinical governance aspects of the terms of service. Therefore, we have produced this briefing as a quick reference guide identifying the actions to be completed by 31 March 2017 (Section A). The briefing also includes details of ongoing clinical governance requirements (Section B).The end of the financial year (31 March) is fast approaching and community pharmacy contractors are reminded of four key deadlines relating to the clinical governance aspects of their terms of service.The clinical governance requirements of the community pharmacy contractual framework (CPCF) cover a range of quality related issues and are set out in Schedule 4 of the NHS (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013.  Adherence with the clinical governance requirements is thus a part of the terms of service.

We urge contractors to ensure that they have completed, or are working towards completing, the clinical governance requirements highlighted below to meet the end of year deadline.

Please see the guidance from PSNC

Summary of actions to be completed by 31 March 2017



By when?

Information Governance (IG) Toolkit To complete and submit an annual IG Toolkit. 31 March 2017
Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ) To conduct an annual CPPQ and publish the results. 31 March 2017
Clinical audit To conduct two audits each year: one on a topic of your choice and one determined by NHS England (please note, no national audit has been determined for 2016/17). 31 March 2017

A fourth clinical governance requirement, whilst not due by 31 March, should be completed shortly afterwards and as such it is best to begin work towards achieving this alongside the requirements listed above.

Complaints report To prepare an annual report each year and send a copy to the local NHS team. As soon as practicable after 31 March 2017

February 2, 2017 Information0

During the final quarter of the year prior to IG toolkit submission Midlands & Lancashire CSU are putting on Web Ex sessions that are specifically in relation to the IG toolkit, how to use it, complete it and publish it.

These sessions, which are FREE OF CHARGE, will take place on:

Thursday 26th January 2pm to 4pm

Tuesday 7th February 10am to 12pm

Monday 20th February 10am to 12pm

Friday 3rd March 1pm to 3pm

Thursday 9th March 11am to 1pm

To book a place on any of these sessions, click

If you have any questions about these sessions or if you need any IG advice or assistance, please contact or 01782 298249.

The Pharmacy Team

West Midlands

February 2, 2017 Information0

These are the handouts from the Quality Criteria Workshops:

New Contract Quality Criteria Handouts Contents

2. Outline Plan to acheive Quality Criteria


3a. MUR_Submission_Template_FINAL(1)

4. Smartcard Support Flyer

5. SCR Mop up face to face sessions

6. SCR Set up Checklist

7. Information Governance Toolkit guidance website

7. Information Governance Toolkit Guidance – UserGuide-HowToRegister

7. IG Toolkit Quick Start

8. Complaints Annual report guidance

8. Complaints Record Form

9. Gateway – EPS Checklist page 1

9. Gateway – EPS Checklist page 2

10. Gateway – NHS Choices Updating guidance

10a. Gateway – NHS Choices Updating guidance

11. Gateway – NHS Mail Generic Account Set up Guidance

11a. PSNC News Alert NHSmail

11b. Quality Payments NHS Mail 29th December Updated

12. Gateway – NSHE December Guidance for all gateway requirements and full list of Quality Criteria

13. Quality Criteria – Patient Safety Documents

13a. Quality Criteria – Patient Safety Documents NPA Online

13a. Patient Safety Report

13a. Patient-safety-alert-audit-sheet

13b. near-miss-error-improvement-tool

13b. near-miss-error-log-and-table

13b . Medication-Safety-Incident-Report-Form-Pharmacy-Error-eForm

13b. Professional Standards Incidents

14. Quality Criteria – Safeguarding training record sheet

14. CPPE-_Safeguarding-003

15. Quaility Critiera- CPPQ Guidance

15b. Quality Criteria – CPPQ Guidance – Community Pharmacy Patient Questionaire

15b. Quality Criteria – CPPQ Guidance – Community Pharmacy Patient Questionaire 15b. Quality Criteria – CPPQ Guidance – Community Pharmacy Patient Questionaire Worksheet

16. Quality Criteria – HLP Level 1 National Criteria & Pharm Outcomes

16. Healthy Living Pharmacy Coventry Expression of Interest

16a . Quality Criteria – HLP Level 1 National Criteria & Pharm Outcomes

16a . Quality Criteria – HLP contractor guide

16b. Coventry-HLP-Prospectus-16-18-DRAFT-3

17. Quality Criteria – SCR increased useage details

18. Quality Criteria – Directory of Service updating

19. Quality Payments – Over Use of asthma treatments

19a. Quality Payments – Over Use of asthma treatments -referrals-Suggested-process

19b. Quality Payments – Asthma – GP-practice-briefing-document-asthma-reviews

19c. Quality Payments – Data-collection-form-patients-referred-for-an-asthma-review

19d. PharmOutcomes asthma

19e. Referral-form-asthma

19f. Template-letter-for-GP-practices-e-form

19g. GP-practice-briefing-document-asthma-reviews

19h. PSNC-Briefing-068.16-Referrals-for-asthma-review

20. Quality Payments – Dementia Friends

20a. Dementia-Friends- Quality Payment Requirement

20b. Dementia-Friends-record-sheet-v2

20c. PSNC-Briefing-073.16-Quality-Payments-–-How-to-become-a-Dementia-Friend

20d. CPPE – Dementia Friends

21. New Contract Quality Criteria January Session 22nd January

22. New-Contract-Quality-Criteria-January-Session-3-Digital

23. NHSE Quality Criteria Guide

24. QPS FAQs v2

25. Quality Payments Session Powerpoint March 2017 – New Contract Quality Criteria March Session 4 Claiming v0.3

February 1, 2017 Information0

For those who attended the Quality Criteria Sessions please find copies of the slides. The safeguarding contacts are towards the ends of the Pharmacist Slides and Safeguarding slides.



Child Sexual Exploitation



HLP Self Declaration

CPPE dementia_friends


February 1, 2017 Information0

Supporting your patients with diabetes to get the most from their injectable therapies: Community Pharmacy & General Practice working together

This project will use pharmacy intervention with NMS and MUR to improve knowledge and confidence in the correct injection technique for diabetes patients using injectable therapies leading to improved patient outcomes, reduced waste and greater cooperation between community pharmacy and general practice.

You can find further details on the documents below:




“Diabetes is the fastest growing health threat facing our nation. Over 3 million people are living with diabetes in England. If their condition is managed they can live longer and fuller lives. The cost of diabetes to the NHS will continue to rise. In order to control these costs, the Department & NHS must take significant action to improve prevention and treatment for diabetes in the next couple of years.”

Chris Askew Chief Executive Diabetes UK – State of the Nation 2016


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