PQS Part 2 full details published

August 28, 2020

Full Part 2 PQS details published

Following PSNC’s publication of initial details on the Part 2 Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) for 2020/21 in early August, the full details are now available to pharmacy contractors in the September 2020 Drug Tariff.

Key points for the Part 2 scheme are as follows:

  • Formally commences on 1st October 2020, but contractors can start work sooner;
  • Completion of the Part 1 scheme is a Gateway requirement;
  • There are five domains, each with its own component criteria to achieve;
  • An Aspiration payment can be claimed from next month;
  • The Part 2 Declaration is due in February 2021;
  • A new approach to allocating the funding is being introduced (see below).

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New PQS payment structure

Total funding for the Part 2 PQS for 2020/21 is a minimum of £56.25m, with any unused funding from the Part 1 scheme also being added to the total.

A new approach to allocating the funding is being introduced in this scheme, with each domain having points allocated to it, but these vary dependent on the prescription volume of the contractor.

This change has been introduced to better recognise the varying workload and hence costs incurred by different contractors complying with the requirements of the scheme. While some costs will be common to contractors of all sizes, most of the elements of this new scheme involve variability of costs related to the number of staff employed at the pharmacy and staffing levels generally vary in relation to prescription volume.

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