Virtual Outcomes pharmacy training resources available

November 4, 2019

Have you taken full advantage of the Virtual Outcomes training resources available to all our contractors in Coventry?

The courses are designed to support the NHS Public Health Campaigns and Healthy Living Pharmacy Champions and team to ensure the best outcomes for patients. There are new training modules released each month which can be accessed at any time.  All your team needs to access the training is your F Code and they will be able to see the courses available on the Virtual Outcomes website.  You can find more guidance on the LPC website.

You can also follow the Virtual Outcomes blog, and sign up for their news feed to make sure you don’t miss a new release.  The latest release is the Pharmacy Quality Scheme course, which consists of 5 modules.  A PharmOutcome Easy Guide video is also available when you log in to see the available resources. 

There several other courses available, which specifically support the new contract. Here are a few teaser videos relating to the new contract resources. For a full list of video trailers, please visit the following LINK.

We hope you’ll find all these resources a useful tool to help train pharmacy staff.




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