Updated Gateway Criteria Report (Declaration Deadline Friday March 1st)

February 26, 2019 0

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) has updated its weekly gateway criteria report, allowing community pharmacy contractors to check whether they have been assessed, using national datasets, as meeting four of the five gateway criteria (Advanced Services, NHS website, Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ) and NHSmail) – due to cyber security reasons, the report does not contain confirmation on compliance with the Warranted Environment Specification (WES) gateway criterion, that has been separately confirmed to contractors via email from NHSBSA.

The report has also been updated to show contractors who have submitted their declaration and have been validated by NHSBSA as meeting the five gateway criteria (including the WES gateway criterion). These contractors are highlighted in blue on the report; no further action is required by these contractors. (Source: PSNC)


Please check your pharmacy’s data: if it’s all blue, it means that you have submitted your declaration and have been validated by NHSBSA as meeting all five of the gateway criteria.  No further action is required by these contractors.

If all elements are marked green, it means you have passed the criteria but have not made a declaration yet. You have until midnight Friday March 1st to complete your declaration. More information about completing your declaration can be found HERE.

If one or more elements are red, it means you have not met all the necessary criteria. You won’t be able to make a declaration unless all criteria have been fulfilled.

Please contact the LPC if you have any questions.


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